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how to open excel files and write data?

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Devendra on 24 Mar 2024
Edited: Devendra on 25 Mar 2024
for m=1:mimgfiles
for n=1:nshapefiles
% Use the logical mask to extract data from ndvi image for villages
village_ndvi = NDVI(logical_mask);
village_ndre = NDRE(logical_mask);
village_cire = CIRE(logical_mask);
avg_village_ndvi = mean(village_ndvi(mask));
avge_village_ndre = mean(village_ndre(mask));
avg_village_cire = mean(village_cire(mask));
I want to open four different excel files before the loops and write these outputs avg_village_ndvi,avg_village_ndre1,avg_village_cire,and CAF in four different excel files within the loops.
I would appreciate any help in doing the required steps as mentioned above.

Answers (1)

Alexander on 24 Mar 2024
Edited: Alexander on 24 Mar 2024
Just use "xlswrite(FILE,ARRAY,SHEET,RANGE)" in your loop four times with the appropriate file and sheet name. Of cause you have to adjust RANGE with every loop. But must it be in the loop? Why not saveing you data in a variable (type table) and writing with "writetable" to a spreadsheet? It will be much faster.


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