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How to use parameter callback to parameterize mask workspace?

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I am struggling to do what I thought would be super simple. I would like to parameterize a subsystem by using the mask work space.
As a super simple example, let's say I have a mask with a single input parameter -- frequency (f) in Hz. In the mask workspace, I would then like to have a derived variable for period -- T = 1/f that I can use throughout my blocks. T should then update anytime f is updated. Of course I could just directly plug in 1/f everywhere I would use T, but this isn't my design intent and doesn't always work when the expression for the derived variable is more complicated.
This seems like a perfect use case for parameter callbacks inside of a mask, but I cannot get it to work, and can't find any examples of anyone doing this online.
Here's my super simple subsystem:
Here's the mask setup with a single parameter:
And here's my attempt at creating a parameter callback:
What am I doing wrong and how do I accomplish this? I'm super surprised there isn't any examples of this in the documentation as parameterizeing a model like this seems like a fairly common use case.

Answers (1)

Paul on 9 Mar 2024
Edited: Paul on 9 Mar 2024
What happens if you just enter
T = 1/f;
in the Initialization section and leave the f_callback blank, or delete it altogether?




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