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Failed to increase pressure of a system with an actuator. Whats wrong?

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Hi, I have two different hydraulic-fluid cycles. I try to increase the pressure with an double acting actuator. But now the pressure is just as high as the low pressure source.
I attached my dummy file. I expected that the pressure is increasing to 15MPa due to the extending actuator, but it remains on the pressure source of 12MPa. (Goal is to increase the pressure so the test-valve is opening)
Hope you can help me.
Best regards

Accepted Answer

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 28 Feb 2024
It looks like that you would like to move the piston & mass so the pressure in Chamber A of the actuator will increase and you are trying to do so by providing an input to the p port. Is that correct?
If so, the answer is that the p port isn't going to drive the piston, it's just for setting the initial position of the piston. This p port is only enabled when you select the following option in the Initial Condistions section.
That said, the solution can be simple: you may add a translational source, force or velocity, to the R port of the actuator. It will actually move the piston. You do need to be careful with the direction of the source and the actuator. The way they appear on canvas (left vs right) doesn't imply sign of the action (positive/negative).

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