How to include dependency in standalone app?

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I have created an app for recording asio audio. The app works well in the developement environment, however, when compiled I get the following error:
Is the audio toolbox not available for redistribution or is there a way to resolve this ?
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 14 Feb 2024
Did you compile the app using MATLAB's Compiler App?
Here's some info on support packages
Nis on 14 Feb 2024
I have used the application compiler, however, I see no options to include support packages as in the link you provided. From reading the text in the link it appears that the compiler should detect the required packages on its own?

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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 14 Feb 2024
The MATLAB and Simulink compiler support page indicates that some functionality in the Audio Toolbox is not supported including some UIs. However, I recommend contacting tech support to get a definitive answer on whether or not the uiaudiometer is deployable.
Feel free to revisit this page and leave an update when you find an answer or solution.

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