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Import CSV from nth row. n is variable across files

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How do I generalize importing a csv file. The csv file contains lot of information before the data headers and the actual data starts. For example for one CSV file the headers ( variablesnames) start at 100th row and row 101 is data. It might not be the same for another csv file. Also the data ends at a certain row, but in the first column there is addtional row which has end of file (EOF) and the all the others columns are empty.
Whenever I use
function, it treats the headers as NaN.
Also, the common header between all the CSVs that I am using is 'time' which might be 100th row in one csv file but be in another row in another csv file.
The first column is time stamps but I can treat that as a data point so it is easier for me to plot stacked plot.
Thanks !
Alexander on 14 Feb 2024
Edited: Alexander on 14 Feb 2024
No, everything is OK. @Voss has moved your answer to a comment.

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Answers (1)

Alexander on 14 Feb 2024
Edited: Alexander on 14 Feb 2024
I think (the specialists here might correct me) you don't get a ready to use function, that solves your problem. Here a suggestion:
datlength = 60000; % Adjust it to your needs
Data = char(zeros(1,datlength));
fid = fopen('example_csv.csv');
while (feof(fid) == 0)
dyData = pad(fgetl(fid),datlength);
Data = [Data; dyData(1:datlength)];
Data=deblank(Data); % Reduce Data to the max.
% Now you have your csv in "Data". You can parse it to your needs line by
% line.
If I get some more information I'll try to help further on. But not today (UTC+2 ;-).




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