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DDPG training converges to the worst results obtained during exploration

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I'm using Matlab R2020b because it is the version istalled on the HPC system of the department.
The DDPG agent that I defined shows a good behaviour during the early stages of the training, improoving in a constant way the obtained reward, the automatically saved agents that obtained the highest rewards, in fact, show that the system is effectively learning a good policy and mooving towards the right direction.
Despite this first incoraging behaviour, improvvisely the reward per episode plot collapse toward a very low value, showing that the learning has converged towards one of the worst policies explored (as seen in pictures).
In the second training showed, I've halved the learning rate of both actor and critic (they were initially set to 0.0001 and 0.001).
The used optimizer is 'Adam', with GradientThreshold = 0.1, actorL2RegularizationFactor = 1e-5, criticL2RegularizationFactor = 2e-4.
Actor NN is built as follow:
actorPath = [
featureInputLayer(obsInfo.Dimension(1), 'Name', 'obsInLyr')
fullyConnectedLayer(actInfo.Dimension(1), 'Name', 'fc4_2' )
scalingLayer('Name','actionOutLyr','Scale',[(anMax+apMax)/2; maxSteering],'Bias',[apMax-anMax; 0])
CriticNN is built as:
obsPath = [featureInputLayer(obsInfo.Dimension(1), 'Name', 'obsInLyr')
actPath = [featureInputLayer(actInfo.Dimension(1), 'Name', 'actInLyr')
commPath = [concatenationLayer(1,2,'Name','conc')
fullyConnectedLayer(1, 'Name', 'QValue' )
criticNetwork = layerGraph();
criticNetwork = addLayers(criticNetwork,obsPath);
criticNetwork = addLayers(criticNetwork,actPath);
criticNetwork = addLayers(criticNetwork,commPath);
criticNetwork = connectLayers(criticNetwork,'fc1_600','conc/in1');
criticNetwork = connectLayers(criticNetwork,'fc2_600','conc/in2');
Other AgentOptions are:
ulisseAgent.AgentOptions.SampleTime = 0.05;
ulisseAgent.AgentOptions.DiscountFactor = 0.99;
ulisseAgent.AgentOptions.MiniBatchSize = 64;
ulisseAgent.AgentOptions.ExperienceBufferLength = 1e6;
ulisseAgent.AgentOptions.TargetSmoothFactor = 1e-3;
ulisseAgent.AgentOptions.NoiseOptions.MeanAttractionConstant = 0.15;
ulisseAgent.AgentOptions.NoiseOptions.Variance = [0.3;5];
ulisseAgent.AgentOptions.NoiseOptions.Mean = [0;0];
ulisseAgent.AgentOptions.NoiseOptions.VarianceDecayRate = 1e-5;
The action space is bidimensional, first action is limited between -3 and 3, while second action is limited between -40 and 40.
The reward is built as the sum of different value of the agent behaviour, that are built as Huber functions so to make the gradient of each reward component continue in the optimal point neighborhood.

Answers (1)

Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
I cannot see your training options, but what do you mean by "converges"? The training plot only shows about 1800 episodes. There is in general no guarantee that the average reward will monotonically increase throughout. Exploration may move the training from a "good" point to a "bad" one as it happens here apparently. A few things to consider:
1) You still have decaying variance in your exploration. Towards the end of the training you are showing, the agent may not be able to get out of this low-reward region because it's exploring less. If it is allowed to explore, it is likely it will come back to a higher reward region in later episodes.
2) It's up to you really when you want to stop the agent. If you feel the agent you have around episode 700 is good enough, you may choose to stop training.
Alessandro Fasiello
Alessandro Fasiello on 3 Feb 2024
Further experiments have shown the same behaviour even with a lower decay rate and the minimum variance setting, whith little if no evident corelation with the number of steps or number of episodes.
Right now, a new training is running with a much simpler reward function, and for now, after 3e5 steps in 1800 episodes, it is not showing signs of the discussed problem.

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