How to consume messages using Kafkastrem

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Hi all,
The question is simple as the title says. How to consume messages from selected Kafka topic?
I have a setup which works perfectly from terminal and now I am trying to connect MATLAB with this Kafka topic, just to consume messages. I followed this:
but unfortunately there is no information how to consume messages. Any help will be appreciated!
Marcin Kowalski
Marcin Kowalski on 29 Nov 2023
I believe the issue is somewhere else. I have two machines - one with Kafka server and the second with Kafka consumer (WSL2). Communication between both works perfectly, but I cannot do the same using MATLAB.
I can set the KafkaStream object - that works well
ks = kafkaStream(host,port,topic, Rows=10)
but then, I try to consume messages by
event = readevents(ks)
What happens is that MATLAB is busy for ~1 min and replies with 0x0 empty timetable. Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?

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Answers (1)

Divyanshu on 13 Dec 2023
Edited: Divyanshu on 13 Dec 2023
Hi Marcin,
I understand that you are able to configure the kafkaStream object successfully but are facing issues while reading the messages from KafkaStream.
Please go through the following documentation which provides an example of writing and reading messages over the kafka stream:
Also make sure to verify that once the kafkaStream object is configured, the messages are written appropriately. The function 'readtimetable' can be used to read the data as shown in the example above.
For further details about 'readtimetable' function refer the following documentation:
Divyanshu on 14 Dec 2023
Edited: Divyanshu on 14 Dec 2023
Hi Marcin,
This particular issue requires further investigation and would require some log files to track the root cause of the issue and provide a solution or workaround accordingly.
Hence I would suggest you to reach out to MathWorks Technical Support and raise a request on the below link:
Once a request is raised someone from technical support would reach out to you and would help you with the issue.

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