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How to add building from OSM file into UAV scenario designer

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Hello everybody,
I am trying to use the building data from OSM file into UAV scenario design like in this example Create Trajectory and Simulate Scenario. I downloaded the data from and do like in the exmaple showed but It seem that the building is not imported. Could anyone help me?
I am also try to check if the file is OK or not using this code and it seem that the buildings are not imported.
osmInfo = addMesh(scene,"buildings",{"PMK2.osm",xlimits,ylimits,"auto"},color,Verbose=true)
and these are the result
osmInfo =
struct with fields:
OSMFileName: "C:\Users\user\OneDrive -\siit\seniorProject\exchange\map\PMK2.osm"
LatitudeRange: [13.7654 13.7723]
LongitudeRange: [100.5309 100.5436]
TotalNumBuildings: 469
NumImportedBuildings: 0
Also, I am trying to do like this. It can be shown in the figure.
buildingsLayer = readgeotable("PMK2.osm",Layer="buildings");
SO I don't know if anything wrong with my file.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Answers (1)

Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 10 Nov 2023
Hi, can you check what is the reference location of your scenario? It should be set to within the latitude longitude ranges shown in the verbose output. Otherwise the buildings might be too far away to your scenario origin when you import





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