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How can i plot P-H Diagram with two parameter are: Pressure and Temperature( With refrigerantion system)?

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I want to plot like that with 4 points, every point have : Pressure and Temperature

Answers (2)

Aquatris on 31 Oct 2023
You can use 'text' function to add descriptions on a plot.

Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 3 Jan 2024
Hi Trieu,
For points outside the vapor dome, P & T uniquely determine the state. You may use Reservoir (2P) or Controlled Reservoir to prescribe the states. Just select Temperature as one of the parameters or inputs.
For that point under the vapor dome, you CANNOT use P & T to pinpoint its state. Instead, you need to specify the specific enthalpy or vapor quality to uniquely determine its state. An alternative is to assume its enthalpy is the same as condenser outlet while its pressure is the same as evaporator outlet, both of which you have previously determined. Use thermal dynamic property sensor and pressure sensor to get the h & P and prescribe those to a controlled reservoir to set the state.
For all these reservoir blocks, connect sensors to measure P & H for use in the P-H diagram block. You can also use infinite flow resistance blocks between the reservoirs so you only need one two-phase property block and solver configuration.


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