How to calculate the dice similarity coefficient

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Dear All,
Anyone know how to calculate the dice similarity my image data set as attached.

Accepted Answer

Rik on 12 Oct 2023
Let's first see what you have in those mat files:
s1 = struct with fields:
allBW: [130×130×90 logical]
s2 = struct with fields:
allBW: [130×130×90 logical]
So you have two equal-sized binary arrays.
Ten seconds of Googling ('wiki dice coefficient') can give you this formula:
dice = 2*union of X and Y / X+Y
Now you only have to implement this in Matlab.
X = s1.allBW;
Y = s2.allBW;
X = X(:);Y = Y(:); % linearize to make notation clearer
DSC = (2*sum(X&Y))/(sum(X)+sum(Y))
DSC = 0.8806
We can check this implementation by using the other notation:
% (for the calculation X and Y can either be the ground truth, the DSC will
% have the same value)
TP = sum( X& Y);
FP = sum( X&~Y);
FN = sum(~X& Y);
DSC = 2*TP/(2*TP+FP+FN)
DSC = 0.8806

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