Plots are generated as a screenshot of whole screen using Publish Tool?

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I have my m file with my plots and when I click publish, regardless of my settings, the plots are presented as a screenshot of the whole screen and not just the plot itself. This is more so of an aesthetic issue, but I would love to fix it if I could. Is anyone aware of a way to change this or a way to get around it. Any help is appreciated!

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recent works
recent works on 2 Oct 2023
you did not mention the exact point as of my knowledge I shared some of them please check.
Set Figure Dimensions
figure('Position', [left bottom width height])
Save Figures in the Desired Format
saveas(gcf, 'my_figure.png')
Adjust Publish Options:
%% My MATLAB Script
% This is a sample MATLAB script.
% Publishing Options:
% format: 'pdf'
% outputDir: 'my_report_folder'
% stylesheet: 'my_stylesheet.css'

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 2 Oct 2023
Use the robust exportgraphics function.


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