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Reading a binary file in parts

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Federico on 24 Sep 2023
Commented: Federico on 24 Sep 2023
I have raw data from a sensor stored in a 1Gb binary file, and I would like to read it sequentially, i.e. in a loop, where the information is being processed simultaneously. In other words, as if the data were being received in real time. Is that possible in Matlab?

Accepted Answer

Alexander on 24 Sep 2023
You should use fread.
Alexander on 24 Sep 2023
Moved: Voss on 24 Sep 2023
Just some remarks:
If you are not short of memory you can use
in = fread(fid);
Than you have the whole bunch of bits and bytes in your vector "in". After that you can parse the data according your needs.
Second: If you have to deal often with the file directly, get familiar with the low level i/o functions of Matlab (i.e. fseek, frewind, feof, ..., these are similar like the functions in C language), then you can stroll through your file as you want.
Federico on 24 Sep 2023
Understood. Thanks to both of you!

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