Fortran compiler for M2 (Silicon) Apple processor

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Hi all,
I am struggling to set up a Fortran compiler in MATLAB on my MacBook with Apple M2 (Silicon) processor. Specifically, I want to install and run the package from which requires a Fortran compiler. I installed the gfortran compiler using
homebrew gcc
though I am unsure whether this one is compatible with MATLAB as listed on Other entries in the forums like did also not help me as they do not work on my machine. Running
>> mex -install FORTRAN
Error using mex
Supported compiler not detected. For options, visit
causes a similar error message as described in the linked forum discussion.
Can anybody help me to set this up properly? In contrast, a C compiler is recognized by MATLAB with Xcode14.
Thank you for your input!

Answers (1)

Mike Croucher
Mike Croucher on 18 Sep 2023
Edited: Mike Croucher on 18 Sep 2023
The supported Fortran Compiler for Apple Silicon in R2023b is the NAG Fortran Compiler. gfortran is not supported I'm afraid. This is described at Compatible Mac Compilers - MATLAB & Simulink (
A trial of the NAG Fortran compiler can be obtained from Getting Started with the NAG® Fortran Compiler | nag
Alexandre RUBESAM
Alexandre RUBESAM on 28 Nov 2023
Hi Luca, yes it’s valid only for 30 days. Could I ask what you’re trying to compile in the off-chance that we have the same issue?
Luca on 28 Nov 2023
Thanks for the answer @Alexandre RUBESAM. I'm interested in compiling AGMG (an aggregation-based algebraic multigrid method to solve linear systems). Here more details:
I have an academic licence.

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