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How can I reduce the number of digits in the colorbar?

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How can I reduce the number of digits in the colorbar in a code like this:
pcolor(x, y, diff_tau1);
xlabel('x [m]')
ylabel('y [m]')
grid on
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 4 Sep 2023
However, if we display the values upto only 2 or 3 significant digits after the decimal, all the values will be same (0.20 or 0.199), and that would be confusing.
Andrea Cesaro
Andrea Cesaro on 4 Sep 2023
Yes, but this is not important, I want to reduce the number of digits.

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Accepted Answer

MarKf on 4 Sep 2023
Edited: MarKf on 4 Sep 2023
You likely need something like this.
surf(1+peaks*0.00001) %obvs this is a quick and bad example, it'd have helped to have the actual data, but anyway
cb = colorbar; %run until here to see what I mean and what changes
cbvals = get(cb,'XTick'); %nowadays cb.XTick would do the trick... let's say backwards compatibility
set(cb,'XTickLabel',sprintfc('%.3f',cbvals)); % 2 or 3
You can see above that there might be issues depending on what's your data. You could also truncate what's displayed instead of rounding (which is what sprintf does) or get the bounds and print depending on those (something like t=get(cb,'Limits'); tks = linspace(t(1),t(2),5); set(cb,'Ticks',tks); set(cb,'TickLabels',arrayfun(@(x) sprintf('%.2f',x),tks,'un',0) )

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