How to update AppUI Edit Field Text from different script ?

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I have above Percentage Text in AppUI.mlapp , with code
with the separate function script getpercentage.m , I'm trying to update above text dynamically.
I appreciate any help on this query.
Thanks in Advance.

Accepted Answer

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 26 Jul 2023
To call the the getpercentage function successfully, you need to feed it the property variables as an input, so add "app" as an input.
function [] = getpercentage(app)
%Update text of Edit field
for ii = 1:100
percentage = num2str(ii);
app.PercentageEditField.Value = percentage;
Then simply call the function within a call back.
function PercentageEditFieldValueChanged(app, event)
Is there a reason why you want to iterate through 100 values for the editfield? If it is for testing purposes, you could use TestCase.
For example:
tc = matlab.uitest.TestCase.forInteractiveUse;
for ii = 1:100
percentage = num2str(ii);
Sujay Muniraju
Sujay Muniraju on 26 Jul 2023
Thanks a lot, I should, this is second times I got suggest to use uiprogressdlg, first time when i asked mathworks about why Matlab live script doesn't have clear output option for particular to disp statments in live script,
Ex: if I'm running log values from a loop because when it goes overbound we can't see current log value on display usually.

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