Fill editfield text value with string from a table

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What I need to do is to read data from a csv like the one I have updated and then fill an edit field in app designer with what is written in that csv file.
As example i updated one with just a simple text in it.
I have tried with something like
DataComments = readtable('file7.csv');
app.CommentsEditField.value = DataComments
but it doesn't work.

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Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 8 Jun 2023
For this specific example, readlines might work better than readtable.
DataComments = readlines('file7.csv')
DataComments = 3×1 string array
"Comments" "testo di prova" ""
Then pick which one of these three strings you want to use to fill in your EditField. For example:
app.CommentsEditField.value = DataComments(2);
testo di prova
Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 12 Jun 2023
If you want help with that issue, you are going to need to provide your app designer code and any data needed to run it (or a stripped down version of it that illustrates the issue).

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