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File Solid imported from STP file includes incorrect shape

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I exported a CAD model from CATIA(CAD software) as a STP file, and imported it to File Solid block in Simscape Multibody.
Then, some surface of the imported part was missing, and some holes cannot be recognized as hole(here, recognized as curve) when I adding frame origin.
The STL file looks correct because CATIA can show the STL model correctly when re-importing it.
What's the cause of such incomplete importing?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 29 May 2023
What you see in the Solid dialog for frame creation and visualize window is exactly what was read from the particular STEP-file.
One thing you can do with STEP-files that appear to be a bit faulty, is import them into SolidWorks and run "Import Diagnostics" on it.
For some STEP-file, SolidWorks flags issues with the file and asks to "Heal All". It will solve and fix the faulty.

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