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How can I create 3D seismic survey ?

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Abubakr Mursi
Abubakr Mursi on 18 May 2023
Commented: Chris on 26 Apr 2024
Hi All,
I would like to create 3D seismic survey from 2D seismic lines?
I want to use Matlab not Seilab?
i will be thankful for your assistance
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Chris on 26 Apr 2024
Perhaps SeReM, the MATLAB Seismic Modeling Toolbox developed by Dr. Dario Grana can help. There are geostatistical libraries in SeReM that can be used to generate a 3D cube out of 2D seismic lines, by using each seismic trace in the 2D line as a vertical dataset to interpolate using kriging sample-by sample.
Perhaps you can also interpolate any horizons you have interpreted on the 2D lines to create 3D horizons that can be used to perform some co-located co-kriging with the 2D seismic traces, in case it enhances the interpolation process to make it more geologically conformable.
Here is a link to the SeReM libraries you can download from GitHub: GitHub - seismicreservoirmodeling/SeReM: Seismic Reservoir Modeling package

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