how to solve the error

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sakshi Garg
sakshi Garg on 7 Apr 2015
Answered: James Tursa on 7 Apr 2015
while trying to run the code, following line was showing an error. Please help me solve it.
code line: Icrop=zeros(1,1000000); Icrop{i} =imcrop(data,bbox(1,:));
error: Cell contents assignment to a non-cell array object.

Accepted Answer

James Tursa
James Tursa on 7 Apr 2015
This line defined Icrop as a double:
And the curly braces { } in this line use lcrop as a cell array:
Icrop{i} = etc.
That is causing the error. You can't index into Icrop as a cell array when it has been defined as a double.

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