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How To multiply this Formula to run this code Please

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Dear Eng.
How I can formulate this as either vectors or numeric only to unify the folmlua
A(i,:) = A(i,:) + h(i)*[0, ones(1,i-1), 0, ones(1,n-i)];
I mean to avoid multipling Numeric by Vector
In order to apply this:
n = 3
h(1) = 0.6;
h(2) = 0.8;
h(3) = 1;
T = 4;
% Objective function: minimize total power transmitted by all users
f = ones(n, 1);
% Inequality constraints: signal-to-interference ratio must exceed threshold
A = zeros(n,n);
b = zeros(n,1);
for i = 1:n
A(i,i) = -h(i);
A(i,:) = A(i,:) + h(i)*[0, ones(1,i-1), 0, ones(1,n-i)];
b(i) = -T*h(i);
% Lower bounds: power transmitted by each user must be non-negative
lb = zeros(n,1);
% Solve using linprog
[x, fval] = linprog(f, A, b, [], [], lb);
% Display results
disp('Optimal power transmitted by each user:');
disp(['Minimum total power transmitted: ', num2str(fval)]);
Thank You so much
Torsten on 2 May 2023
How do you want to set the elements of the matrix A ?
The vector
[0, ones(1,i-1), 0, ones(1,n-i)];
has length n+1, thus cannot be a row of the matrix A which has to be mxn.
Dalia ElNakib
Dalia ElNakib on 2 May 2023
Edited: Dalia ElNakib on 2 May 2023
To set Matrix A to be (3*3) Please
Can you help me in that please? in order to be compatible with the Length of this command
Many Thanks for your cooperation

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Accepted Answer

MarKf on 2 May 2023
The fact that there is the need for a loop for these operations, that b is not simply obtained with b=-T.*h, that [ones(1,i-1), 0, ones(1,n-i)] produces [0 1 1] [1 0 1] [1 1 0] for each iteration and the diagonal value is added to it, I'm guessing that OP simply needs to eliminate the first 0 from that vector. I hope this code is not used to control infrastructure or anything important.
n = 3;
h = [0.6 0.8 1];
T = 4;
A = zeros(n);
b = zeros([n,1]);
for i = 1:n
A(i,i) = -h(i);
A(i,:) = A(i,:) + h(i)*[ones(1,i-1), 0, ones(1,n-i)];
b(i) = -T*h(i);

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