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Image Distortion after convert axial CT to sagittal view

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I have a CT image (512*512*446)
DICOM info is unfer below
  1. Pixel spacing: 0.4648, 0.4648
  2. Spacing Between Slices: 0.8
  3. SliceThickness: 1
I use squeeze changing tha axial CT to sagittal view, while image distort in the sagittal plane (left).
It should be as same as what I look the sagittal view on Radiant (right).
You can see the vertebral body is elongated in the image.
Is it because of the difference between pixel spacing and slice thickness ?
Or is there any method to avoid this?

Answers (1)

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 28 Apr 2023
The images are not isotropic and hence it is distorted.
Use function imresize after you reconstruct the image from axial to sagittal plane.
J = imresize(I,[446*1/0.4648, 512])
Rik on 2 May 2023
Instead of resizing the image, you can also use image directly to set the XData and YData scales separately. It is a bit more work on your part, but you don't run the risk of introducing artifacts in the resizing.

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