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read several csv files with space in the name format

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I am trying to read several csv file
opt.w.matrix.reg. 1 ( please note there is space between . and 1 )
opt.w.matrix.reg. 2
In order to do that I used first the following :
filename2 = strcat('opt.w.matrix.reg. ',int2str(i),'.csv')
However when I display the file name I received : opt.w.matrix.reg.1
the name does not contain space between the . and the number 1 while the original files have this space.
How can I edit the syntax to have the space in the name.

Accepted Answer

Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 12 Apr 2023
i = 1;
filename2 = strcat('opt.w.matrix.reg. ',int2str(i),'.csv')
filename2 = 'opt.w.matrix.reg.1.csv'
As you have seen, strcat strips leading and trailing spaces. Use sprintf instead.
filename3 = sprintf('opt.w.matrix.reg. %d.csv', i)
filename3 = 'opt.w.matrix.reg. 1.csv'

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