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How do you install MatLab Production Server on multiple Windows servers using a single license

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We currently have MPS (2013b) installed on a single Windows 2008 R2 server, the License Manager runs as a service on that same machine. We have a license for 24 worker processes and what we would like to do is implement MPS (2015a) on 3x8-core (or 4x6-core or 6x4-core) Windows 2012 R2 servers with the License Manager running on a fourth server (not a strict requirement). I can only find the happy flow MPS installation instructions (on a single server), are there any instructions for installing MPS for the scenario I described? Or does anyone have experience performing a similiar installation?

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Viswanath on 8 Apr 2015
Hi Barry, It is possible to have your MPS workers running on multiple servers, and the license manager on a separate server. You can configure this quite easily by modifying your config file. The config file has a setting for number of workers you want to configure for each instance , and also a section for "License Management Settings" where you can specify the license server. The license server should be visible to the other servers where you have MPS workers. If you have more questions, the license and install team(508-647-7000) can help you out.

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