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hydraulic circle for fire suppression system clean agent

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Hello there.
I’m working on project to simulate hydraulic system for clean agent fire suppression system using Simulink I am really confused about the circle of this system and what is consist of ill be very grateful if you can guide me with it or send me any available similar videos of this project.
the idea of this hydraulic system is to pressurize the cylinder extinguisher that contains the agent (in liquid) with N2 gas at 25 bar for example
and once the system is actuated the extinguisher will be open and the agent will flow through the manifold system until it reaches the discharge nozzles because of the force of the pressure.
the manifold system consists of
pipes (Fittings,Piping Joining and Reductions)
check valve (one way)
Tee split to distribute the agent to different rooms with specific quantities for each room.
Thanks, a lot.

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 3 Apr 2024
Hi Albara,
It will be helpful if you could provide some schematic to show the interior of the agent tank so we can understand the principle of the system. But based on what you described, I feel the Tank (G-TL) block can be used to represent the presurized N2 inside the cylinder and how it propels the agent once the valve opens.
I was assuming the inside of the cylinder looks like this:


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