Formatting read data from text files

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Grace on 4 Apr 2023
Answered: dpb on 4 Apr 2023
%I am trying to display the text that is read in a formatted method instead of a single line
%Attached is the test files
Inputfile = fopen('Aarakocra.txt', 'r')
text_data =fscanf(Inputfile, "%s\n")

Accepted Answer

Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 4 Apr 2023
text_data = fileread('Question.txt');
Hello I am trying to format this text- Is there anyway I can print the same format to the command window simply?

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dpb on 4 Apr 2023
txt=readlines('YourInputFile.txt'); % read text file as string array
fprintf('%s\n',txt) % dumpt to command window as is
However, if the only purpose is to have the text go across the screen, there's not even any reason to actually read it into memory...
type('YourInputFile.txt'); % echo a text file to command window verbatim




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