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How do I create a colored intensity plot from location and intensity values

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There are 13 points with an x and y coordinate. Each point has an intensity value from 1-20. I'm wondering how to display a plot with a colored intensity map simillar to a heat map. Any suggestions?

Accepted Answer

MarKf on 4 Apr 2023
Could imagesc work?
sysize = 100; maxintensity = 20; npoints = 13;
coords = randi(sysize,[npoints,2]);
imatc = nan(sysize);
for icx = 1:size(coords,1), imatc(coords(icx,1),coords(icx,2)) = randi(maxintensity,1); end
clims = [1 maxintensity];
imagesc(imatc,clims), xlabel('x'),ylabel('y'), colorbar

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Jon on 4 Apr 2023
This is one approach
% define x,y coordinates and corresponding z value
x = rand(13,1)
y = rand(13,1)
z = x.*y
% make evenly spaced x,y grid to plot data on
% interpolate data points onto grid
zq = griddata(x,y,z,xq,yq);
% make a filled contour plot (heatmap)
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Jon on 4 Apr 2023
The above is just an example to show the approach. Obviously you would assign your actual x,y and z values rather than using random values.

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