How do I save a data in my excel to matlab folder, i e how do i create a path to matlab folder

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I already have the data in three columns in my excel

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 25 Mar 2023
I am not certain whether you want to read from the Excel file or write an Excel file from data you have created.
Depending on your MATLAB version, to read the file use readtable, readmatrix, (or if you have an older version, xlsread) to import it into your workspace. Use the fullfile function to create the path to it if it is not already on your MATLAB search path. For help with that, see What Is the MATLAB Search Path? if this is your first encounter with it.
To write an Excel file, use the write functions related to the import functions you choose to use, writetable, writematrix, or xlswrite as appropriate.

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