webcamExampleMATLAB output image has a green mask and cannot detect the blue color

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I 'm running the webcamExampleMATLAB from this package
as shown in this tutorial
but the image from the camera has a green mask as shown and cannot detect the blue color
compared to the tutorial output
The changes i did to run my code was mandatory to run the code in my machine
first detect the camera name
dev_info=imaqhwinfo('linuxvideo', 1)
the output:
dev_info =
struct with fields:
DefaultFormat: 'YUY2_1280x720'
DeviceFileSupported: 0
DeviceName: '/dev/video0'
DeviceID: 1
VideoInputConstructor: 'videoinput('linuxvideo', 1)'
VideoDeviceConstructor: 'imaq.VideoDevice('linuxvideo', 1)'
SupportedFormats: {1×45 cell}
and edit the webcamExampleMATLAB.m line 7 as
myCam = imaq.VideoDevice('linuxvideo',1,'YUY2_1280x720','ReturnedDataType','uint16');
Also i test the camera using matlab to be sure that it's working fine using this comands
mycam = webcam
and it works fine as shown

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 Mar 2023
Rather than YUV, is RGB available as a format?

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