Find kinetic constants from differential equations

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Hey! So a escription on my problem:
I have a compartimental model that contains 4 different elements that have a kinetic behaviour between thm. The differential equations of this model can be described as:
dydt(1) = k(1)*y(4)+k(2)*y(2)+k(3)*y(1)-(k(4)*y(1)+k(5)*y(1)+k(6)*y(1)+1/25.028)*y(1);
dydt(2) = k(2)*y(1)-(k(5)*y(2)+1/25.028)*y(2);
dydt(3) = k(3)*y(1)-(k(4)*y(3)+1/25.028)*y(3);
dydt(4) = k(1)*y(1)-(k(4)*y(4)+1/25.028)*y(4);
I have some experimental data that I want to use to predict th different k, but I have been struggeling with solving them with the ode45 function or similars. Could someone help me?

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 22 Mar 2023

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