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Where to find changes in functions in Matlab versions?

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Hi there,
Where can I find changes in Matlab functions through various versions? For e.g. I want to check what has changed in linprog from 2012 onwards?
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Rik on 21 Mar 2023
The reason for the limited release notes and documentation is that Mathworks instated a policy of making the documentation for the past 5 years available, so each new release now heralds the taking offline of a previous one.

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Answers (2)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 21 Mar 2023
See: Release Notes, however that only goes back as far as R2018a. I am not certain that other documentation exists online, although an Interweb search might be able to find it.
It may be necessary to contact MathWorks (Contact Support) for the other six years. (Up until about a year ago, the documentation for releases going back to R2006a, if I remember correctly, was available online, so it likely still exists somewhere.)

DGM on 21 Mar 2023
Edited: DGM on 21 Mar 2023
The online release notes are maddeningly incomplete and slow, and trying to find the PDF RN is like some kind of ridiculous maze.
If you want release notes, don't go to the release notes page. Go to the documentation home for the toolbox in question.
Once there, again, do not go to the release notes link. Go to the PDF documentation link.
There you will find the actual release notes.
That should go back far enough for your needs, though I've noticed that for certain toolboxes, I can find wild older copies of the PDF RN that go back further than the copies that are currently offered. Sometimes a web search will save you in a pinch.


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