update a parameter in function block each timestep in simulink

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I have a parameter or a variable (T) which should increase or decrease with a (delta_T) and it has an initial value of (T_0).
So, I defined (delta_T = ....) and (T_0 = 20) and it should be a loop (T = T + delta_T) which updates the value of T each time step.
I will put this function in a block in Simulink.
I hope my question is clear and many thanks in advance.
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Ameen Bassam
Ameen Bassam on 17 Mar 2023
I have tried the following but failed to update T
function [delta_T,T] = fcn(u)
T = 20;
delta_T = u/m;
T_max = 100;
while T <= T_max
T = T + delta_T;

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 16 Mar 2023
Use the "Ramp" block to generate such a signal.


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