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[Solved] MATLAB function file when compiled into a standalone application does not print output on the command prompt

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I have a matlab function file - 'MATLABxx.m'. It works as expected and prints a desired output text in the command prompt whenever executed.
I have enabled 'diary' in it which captures the text from command prompt.
But now when I have compiled it into a standalone application - 'MATLABxx.exe', it does not print the desired output in command prompt. Although the same is captured in diary!
I have compiled it using the -'Application Compiler' option.
Can anyone help me out here? I need the desired output to be printed in the command prompt, as another Application (which I cannot touch/change) reads that output for further processing!
Have I missed adding a flag during compilation which is causing this?
This suggests to uncheck an option in 'Additional runtime Settings' in the 'Application Compiler'. And it works for Windows!!
This issue does not happen on Linux.

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