I would like to find bursts among neuronal spikes.

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I have an array with neuronal interspike intervals (ISI). I would like to recognise bursts according to the following parameters: a burst starts if the ISI is lower than 6 ms, and ends if the ISI is above 9 ms. The recquirements of a burst is min 3 spikes, and 5 ms in length. There should be 20 ms between 2 bursts.
Can you help me which command should be used to find the bursting spikes? I need the number of bursts.

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MarKf on 5 Mar 2023
There are several features that you may want to take into account depending on your data and on what you want to do. The simplest thing would be to set up a threshold (say, 5 std above, ISI as a diff of spike indexes) that would not capture different types of spikes, tails, and other things, but still that might be enough for you. Have a look at some tools other people have developed for this, for example in fieldtrip (toolbox), here (this has minNspykes, duration and tails) and here (combination of multiple amplitude and spectral features, common approaches).
Bence Laczó
Bence Laczó on 12 Mar 2023
I tried your code but it found 10 bursts among the spikes. With manual counting I found only 4 bursts. I changed the recquirements in the 24th row from if cou+1 >= minS && bdur >= lenB && bint >= ibi to if cou >= minS && bdur >= lenB && bint >= ibi. Now it works fine. Does it make sense? Why did you write cou+1? I don't really understand it.

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