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Average-Value Inverter (Three-Phase) does not want turn on at any DC voltage limit I set it.

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Hello all I am new to simulink, andI have a question about the Average-Value Inverter (Three-Phase). I am having difficulties turning on the inverter for my microgrid simulation. For some peculiar reason my solar voltage output is completly dependent on the voltage turrn on limit for the inverter. No matter what I change voltage turn on limit, the solar cells seems to apprcoah the voltage limit, but never pass it. I did not change solar irradiance for it to behave diffeerntly. Does anyone know why the inverter is subduing the solar cell votlage? Thank you. See Figures Below:
Run 1
Run 2

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 10 Mar 2023
The system you are modelling probably lacks enough realism to simulate something that makes sense. With a solar panel connected to a behavioral inverter model, you are going to get some odd behavior. There is no energy storage, so any energy into that system is spiking the voltage as high as the inverter will allow before it turns on. You should at least add a capacitor to the output of the solar panel, but the system will still keep charging until it his the values you set for the inverter to turn on.
This is a more realistic setup for how a solar panel would be grid connected:


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