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Arduino Engineering Kit licence and adding toolbox

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I plan on buying the Arduino Engineering Kit rev.2. After activation of the 1 year licence, can I login into my account and buy other toolbox on top of the free 1 year licence (I plan to buy Simscape Electrical)? If so, will it be a perpetual licence still available when I buy the Matlab/Simulink home licence after the free 1 year licence? Or I will need to buy Simscape Electrical again?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 16 Feb 2023
this model is subscription based, it will not be perpetual which is why the price point is so low. You would have to pay significanlty more for the perpetual comerical product. I'm not sure how add ons work if you are using the free trial. In general, you should be able to add products, but you might have to contact MathWorks directly if something doesn't work.


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