How in the world am I supposed to install MATLAB on Linux Ubuntu 20.04?!

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I know this question was asked multiple times not just on this forum but many other ones. But I just can’t seem to get the help I need to get the MATLAB installer running. So I have the installer in an .iso format. I mounted it, and opened the folder. And now I see 9 folders and 1 file: boot, casper, dists, EFI, install, isolinux, pool, preseed, ubuntu, and md5sum.txt. And inside the install folder is just one file that is mt86plus. I have no idea where to go from here. I really need support. And it really doesn’t help that I am new to Linux.

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MarKf on 6 Feb 2023
cd mounted/directory/with/matlab
But you probably already tried that. Add sudo first before the command maybe. You said you already mounted it, maybe not with the command but with Disk Image Mounter. You could try sudo mount -o loop pth/file.iso /mnt/iso and verify that with mount or df -H or ls -l /mnt/iso/.

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