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Why mathwork inbuilt model of PMSM FOC/DTC is not working?

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I am using mathwork inbuilt model of FOC and DTC of PMSM motor but motor is not running, even some models are not showing gate pulses too. I am attaching the model commands and error which its showing during process.
Also I want a step by step procedure to run the motor.
mcb_pmsm_foc_qep_f28069m - command for sensored foc pmsm (pulses are not generating for this model and motor is not running).
mcb_pmsm_foc_sensorless_f28069MLaunchPad - this model is also not working.
pls help me to sort out this problem, i want to run the PMSM motor using this models

Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 16 Feb 2023
Most of the models your specify should work if you have them set to run in simulation mode. The model you are using is trying to use/connect to external hardware. Are you trying to connect to a TI controller or do you just want to run a desktop simulation? If that is the case, close everything, and then open up mcb_pmsm_foc_qep_f28069m. If you just hit the run button, it should default to desktop simulation.
Shimpi on 16 Feb 2023
I want to run this model with hardware. In simulation mode, it is working. If their is a steps other than given steps , so can you pls mention here, I have f28069m launchpad and teknic 2310P pmsm motor but i am fail to run the motor.
Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 16 Feb 2023
here is a good page for the HW:
But here is more extensive documentation for getting started:
Right now, you want to make sure you can connect to the board, download the code, and do basic communication before you try and get the controller working with the motor.

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