How to connect Raspberry Pi to DAC MCP 4921 using SPI Simulink blocks?

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I want to set an output voltage with a RaspberryPi with an DAC MCP4921 using Simulink, in particular using the new block "SPI Register Write" available in the latest Simulink version (without writing C code or Matlab code). In this block is required a Register Address where SPI has to write the value from the slave. Can anyone help me?
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Sylvain on 16 Feb 2023
Looking at the datasheet, the write command register is not defined.
Can you try the "SPI Master Transfer" block with a terminator for the output?
You should send the a vector of [2x1] uint8 for the upper half and the lower half.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 5 Feb 2023
Would you want to use the SPI Read/Write/Master blocks to communicate with this external device, similar to this example that uses SPI to communicate with an external EEPROM device?

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