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Different Fontsize of texts in stackedplot()

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Ashishkumar Gupta
Ashishkumar Gupta on 26 Jan 2023
Edited: dpb on 27 Jan 2023
I want different Fontsize & style for ylabels, xlabels, legends and title in stackedplot().
How should i do it?

Answers (1)

dpb on 26 Jan 2023
Edited: dpb on 27 Jan 2023
If you mean you want them to be different for each type object, sorry, "no can do". There's only one global 'fontsize' and 'fontname' property for the object. The stackedplot object is what TMW calls a "Standalone Visualization" -- to quote from the doc "More about" section,
Standalone Visualization
A standalone visualization is a chart designed for a special purpose that works independently from other charts. Unlike other charts such as plot and surf, a standalone visualization has a preconfigured axes object built into it, and some customizations are not available. A standalone visualization also has these characteristics:
  • It cannot be combined with other graphics elements, such as lines, patches, or surfaces. Thus, the hold command is not supported.
  • The gca function can return the chart object as the current axes.
All these newer thingies are pretty-much neutered for user customization; even poking at them with Yair Altman's undocumented function to uncover hidden handles is generally a wasted exercise; there simply isn't much that can be done with them beyond look at them the way they are.

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