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How to get original Shape of data after Removing Noise using Histogram

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Hello I hope you are doing well. I have the Dataset which have 279 values in array.
I have applied Preprocessing using Histogram which delete Noise using 33% of maximum Value
The first picture oldshape.jpg shows the Original shape at 338,343,348 with Noise.
The 2nd picture Newshape.jpg shows after applying Histogram In which shape is changed.
How can i get the original Shape after this algo of Histogram
h=histogram(NewDataset,10000,"BinMethod","sturges",'BinWidth',1,'BinLimits',[1 10000]);
[N,Edges,Bin] = histcounts(NewDataset,10000,"BinMethod","sturges",'BinWidth',1,'BinLimits',[1 10000]);
Retain = N > max(N)/3; % Retain Values In Bins Greater Than One-Third Of The Meximum Bin Count Value
FindBins = find(Retain)
DatasetValues = cell(1,length(FindBins));
for i=1:length(FindBins)
RetainDataLv = (Bin == FindBins(i)); % Values In 'Bin' Corresponding To 'Retain' Test
RetainData = NewDataset(RetainDataLv) ;
pre_output= cell2mat(DatasetValues);
Jan on 28 Jan 2023
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