Is there a way to get result of doc command as an HTML/XML object?

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Can we get the result of doc command in an object instead of displaying it as an HTML.
For example -
obj = doc("mean")
Here 'obj' is an HTML/XML object.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 Jan 2023
What are you hoping / planning to do with such an object? What's your use case?
Atin on 23 Jan 2023
For a given help text about a class or function -
I would like to extract only the Help text but in a structured form, so that I could easily interpret that help text about function, properties etc.

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Answers (1)

Rajeev on 20 Jan 2023
Edited: Rajeev on 20 Jan 2023
As of now, the "doc" command does not return any kind of object and hence there is no result to store.
Atin on 20 Jan 2023
No. 'help' returns the help text and can be stored as well. Check this-
k = help("timefun")
I am expecting something like this for 'doc' as well!
Rajeev on 20 Jan 2023
Thank you for pointing it out, I have edited the answer accordingly.

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