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How to put subscript in uilabel text and can I specify location on same line?

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I have the following (gl is a uigridlayout)
lblKa = uilabel(gl,"Text","K_a","HorizontalAlignment","center");
lblKa.Layout.Row = 2;
lblKa.Layout.Column = 4;
I am trying to subscript the "a" in "Ka". Also, is it possible to specify the layout row and column in a way that I can reduce three lines of code to one?

Accepted Answer

Jonas on 21 Dec 2022
for subscript, use other text interpreters, e.g. tex
without beeing familiar with uigridlayout, i do not think, that it is possible that easily. But like it is, it is nicely readable
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Paul on 21 Dec 2022
Thank you, that works BUT it also changes the font face so that the letter "K" appears differently from labels not using the tex interpreter. Any ideas on that?

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Paul on 21 Dec 2022
Jonas' answer got me to thinking about HTML and this works better for me because it does not mess with the font
uilabel(gl,"Text","<p>K<sub>a</sub></p>", "HorizontalAlignment","center",'Interpreter','HTML');
But I probably not come up with this without Jonas' suggestion. Thank you, Jonas


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