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open software and run script via command line

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My code should:
  • open MakeHuman software in background
  • run a python script
  • software has to stay open while matlab code continues to run
path_local_script = 'C:\Users\...\Documents\makehuman\v1py3\scripts\'
command = ['C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\makehuman-community\Python\pythonw.exe ' 'C:\Users\ruetschj\AppData\Local\makehuman-community\' ' -b ' '--python ' path_local_script ];
However, the MakeHuman software is starting, but neither the 'path_local_script' script is run, nor the code goes on afterwards.
What am I doing wrong? Is it not possible to run a script as I'm running MakeHuman from source?

Answers (1)

Jonas on 21 Dec 2022
Edited: Jonas on 21 Dec 2022
without looking into the detail, you have to chain commands in the system commands using a & sign
also: use the output arguments of the system commands to catch the output/messages from the system command
[a,b]=system('echo hello & echo world')
a = 0
b =
'world hello '

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