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3-D Scene Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Stereo

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I want to reconstruct a 3D scene using the stereo method for uncalibrated cameras. I've taken two pictures from two angles of a certain object, and calculated the rectified images as well as the disparity map, now I want to reconstruct the 3D scene. In the 'help' section it says that it can be done but up to scale (I don't care about the scale only about the object), yet I cannot see a way to do it without adding the cameras' parameters.
Thanks for the help

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Birju Patel
Birju Patel on 15 Dec 2022
These two examples walk through the process of doing 3-D reconstruction from uncalibrated stereo images:
The second example is probably what you want to look at if you've already go the disparity map. The function to look at is reconstructScene:




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