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Hi, I am trying to construct a 3D model for electrical analysis later. I have 3 cylinders and 1 hollow cylinders.
When I am trying to make all of them into one model, I encountered the following error:
which correspond to this line:
May I know how to add all my shapes into the same model?
Thank you!!
Here is my code:
Building the base Stratum Corneum and Variable Skin
SC3d = multicylinder(basesize,hSC) %create SC
VS3d = multicylinder(basesize,hVS, "Zoffset",-hVS) %create VS
Sense3d = multicylinder(R1, hEL, "Zoffset",hSC) %create sensor
Inject3d = multicylinder([R1+R2 R3], hEL, "Zoffset", hSC) %create inject
model = createpde
model.Geometry = SC3d + VS3d

Answers (1)

VBBV on 4 Dec 2022
model.Geometry = [SC3d VS3d]
Miles Hao Peng Su
Miles Hao Peng Su on 4 Dec 2022
Hi, also, this error showed up when using the concatenation operator:
model.Geometry = [SC3d VS3d Sense3d]
is there another way for me to use this?

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