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How to achieve 96 volt from 230v ac voltage ?

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I am using 230v AC as my input voltage. A rectifier is used to convert ac to dc, and then a buck converter is employed to step down the voltage. I need 96v But the output voltage of interleaved buck converter is 145v.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 2 Dec 2022
All of your controls are open loop. This gives you no ability to change the voltage level. You can either adjust your load resistance to adjust the output voltage (which is likely the wrong way to do this) or adjust your duty cycle down till you have a lower voltage, but in the long run, you need to develop some closed loop controls for this system. Please see the many examples of prebuilt systems to see some closed loop controllers.
Also, you should look at your scope and not the display for this type of system unless you heavily filter your output first. If there is a lot of noise or ripple on your output, the number in the display box is mostly meaningless.
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sudarshan Kanse
sudarshan Kanse on 5 Dec 2022
Thank You Joel Van ,Your valuable suggestion has been very helpful to me.

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