How can I detect in UAV scenario not only static meshes?

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Uav Scenario Lidar returns only NaN, if UAV platform meets another platform. Is it possible that this block only works for static meshes but not for uav platforms?
Thanks in advance!

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Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 23 Nov 2022
Hi Julian,
The UAV Scenario Lidar works on platform as well. It might be the mounting location and mounting angle configuration of your lidar sensor that cause it to have no detection.
scene = uavScenario;
p = uavPlatform("UAV", scene);
lidar = uavSensor("Lidar", p, uavLidarPointCloudGenerator, "MountingLocation", [3 0 0]);
By default, lidar mounting location is [0 0 0], which is at the origin of platform body frame and that is often inside the platform body mesh. You should consider move it out by specify mounting location and mounting angle when adding lidar to your platform.
Another possibility of getting only nan could be that the other platform's mesh is too small to detect in your simulation. You should consider either increase the lidar horizontal and vertical resolutions or increase the size of the platform's mesh and check whether you can detect the platform.

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