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Question about available PK models for practicing purposes

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Hi all,
I have a question about SimBiology and PK models. Are there available any "simple", models for practicing, say a single- or 2-compartment model where one could plug-in PK parameter values and simulate a hypothetical drug? If not, is this something that the SimBiology community would like to distribute to other people who are beginners? This would be helpful to develop a feeling as to how a model behaves and reacts based on different PK parameter values and sometimes save time even. My colleagues and I would like to learn SimBiology for more advanced PK modeling but we thought that it would be more efficient if we could use a pre-developed one and adjust values etc. Videos and documentations are great but a hands-on example model would also be extremely helpful.
Thank you for your time!
Best regards,

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Fulden Buyukozturk
Fulden Buyukozturk on 18 Nov 2022
Hi Christos,
A couple of thoughts:
  • SimBiolog has a PK library. You can pick a 1 or 2 comp model from there, populate the parameter values/dosing and run. If you're running using Model Builder app, you can go Home->Model->Load model from PK library. If you're running from the command-line interface, please see this page.
  • There are multiple example SimBiology models in the community site with associated publication references.
Hope these help you get started, please let me know.
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Christos on 18 Nov 2022
Hi Fulder,
Many thanks for your swift response! I will certainly check those suggestions and may get back to you with questions in case I have some.
Many thanks!

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