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I want to make a phase shift of a nonsinusoidal signal by 30 degree in simulink. Is there any phase shifting block or I have to create using different combinational elemenrs?

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If the input is input 1 then I need to send a signal with same phase in 'a', 120 degree lag in 'b' and 240 degree lag in 'c'. Is there any soluton for this problem?

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 21 Nov 2022
You can either create three seperate sources, and phase shift them that way, or add the appropriate amount to the output of the single source. If you need, you can then use modulus division to keep the signal bounded.

Sai on 22 Nov 2022
I understand that you are trying to obtain a phase shift to a signal in Simulink.
You can use Complex Phase Shift block which accepts two inputs(In - Input signal to be phase shifted, Ph - amount of phase the signal should be shifted in radian). Refer to the below documentation for more information
You can also use Variable Phase Shift block and along with it you should use other RF blocks as shown in the below documentation
The example given in the above documentation can be accessed by running the following command in your command window
Refer to the below documentation for more information on Variable Phase Shift block


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