What are Virtual Synchronous Generators and how do they help if they are virtual? Specifically in renewable energy.

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I understand the function of synvhronous generators but what do Virual Synchronous Generators (VSGs) do exactly. Virtual almost means non existent, well atleast physically and how are VSGs supposed to function and help us in real life especially in regard to renewable energy.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 10 Nov 2022
Virtual in this case means that you are using something that isn't a synchronous generator to act like it is a synchronous generator. Essentially, there are a lot of benefits to having synchronous generators on the grid with their rotational inertial providing stability to the system. If you have appropriate converters and energy storage, you can replicate this effect/benefit with something that isn't a synchronous generator, but to the system as a whole, it appears as if it is a synchronous generator.


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